Amenities to Look For When Buying a Condo In Canada

There has been a boom in the condo and real estate market in Canada. This is attributed to the high demand for these units and the affordable payment terms. More people have embraced the vertical living. There are certain features and amenities that prospective buyers look for when searching for new condo units. A unit that has desirable features will attract more buyers. The modern condos are trending towards tech-readiness, green living, easily living and pet-friendliness. The following are the amenities that attract prospective buyers and renters.

Captivating Life


The location of a condo matters most. Many buyers and renters prefer living in an area that is near attractions and shopping centers. A desirable condo will capture the personality and atmosphere that the buyer wants. It should also have the desired features and amenities. Luxury-lovers and adventure seekers are attracted by the array of performance venues, theatres, restaurants, and parks. These facilities are helpful in alleviating restlessness and boredom. Condo buildings that are located close to entertainment venues are extremely sought-after.

Features for Children

Amenities that serve the younger residents attract buyers or renters who have kids. Most of the modern condo units are known for providing a family-friendly appeal. For instance, some of them offer daycare facilities and play areas for kids. Proximity to schools is another feature that attracts parents.

Environmentally friendly Features: The Green Life

Led bulbs

Taking care of the environment is increasingly becoming a priority. It is therefore important to incorporate energy-efficient appliances such as LED bulbs and low-flow water fixtures. These appliances are helpful in reducing energy usage thereby saving money for residents.

Condo units should be decorated and constructed using environmentally responsible materials. For instance, you can use carbon monoxide sensors and volatile organic paints, and installing windows that minimize heat loss. You can also use high-efficiency cooling and heating systems. Condo units that reduce energy and water usage are appealing to buyers.

Rooftop Recreation Features: The High Life

Most buyers prefer high-rise building as compared to those that have a few floors. Many renters and buyer love the skyscraper life particularly in vibrant locations where they can enjoy. Such units are known for offering stunning views. People living in skyscrapers can also make use of the rooftops. Some of the common features found in rooftops include grills, fire pits, private cabanas, banquet tables and swimming pools. Some of the modern units have rooftop reaction areas which are reserved for parties.