Factors Considered When Buying a condo or Home In Canada

There is a high demand for condo units and new homes in Canada. Buying a property in Canada in one of the worth investments that you can make. The average price for a home was 419,699 USD in 2013. This is according to the data given by the Canadian Real Estate Association. The following are the essential things that need to be considered when buying a property in Canadian cities.

The Real Estate Market Could Fall

The price of homes in Canada has been rising over the years. Home buyers who bought properties in the past few decades have greatly profited from the rising process of houses. However, the prices of homes can fall. Most people are known for considering the rising part. For instance, a sharp fall in house prices was recorded between 1990 and 1996 which left many people with properties worth less than want they had paid for. Many people lost money, but the prices have recovered since then. Both Moody’s and Bank of Canada have warned that something similar can happen in the near future especially if the Canadian economy continues to slow down.

Transit Lines Can boost the Home Value

It is evident that people like using the shortest routes possible. Properties that are located near the transit lines have a higher value than those located far from major transit lines. Such places are very convenient especially for those people who are using public means of transport. However, buyers should be careful not to choose homes that are near a railway station as this might subject you and your family to noise and dust. The proposed transit lines should also be considered.

Buying a Ready Home Might Could be Very Risky

ready made home

A pre-constructed home can be appealing to new buyers. Sometimes this can be very risky. Ideally, you should avoid buying a plan if you don’t know what is there. For instance, some people buy condo units, yet they don’t know the other people who are in that building. Buildings that have many renters are dirty and noisy. Furthermore, you should remember that is easier to predict the fees of a condo that has been ruining for several years.

How Long Are You Planning to Stay

Every potential buyer should ask him/herself how long he plans to stay. You can reduce the risk of selling your property at a low price by staying longer in it. Individuals who are planning to stay in a home or a condo unit for a short period, like one year, should consider renting instead of buying.…

Top Benefits of Hiring Real Estate Agents in Canada

A real estate professional can give you the best guidance when purchasing or selling a property. Working with experienced real estate agents is highly recommended. These are professionals who have the expertise and market know-how. They are also familiar with transaction requirements that can help you. The following are the benefits that you can get by hiring a reputable agent:

You Will be Assisted Through the Transaction

The agent hired can negotiate on behalf of his/her client and guide him through the transaction. Remember that buying/selling a home is a long process that involves dealing with increased contacts. This includes the seller/buyer, home inspection company, agents, banks, the appraiser and sometimes attorneys. The agent hired can help you in navigating hoops in an efficient and timely manner to make ensure that the clent’s transaction is seamless and smooth.

They Have Local Expertise


These professionals are specialized in specific neighbourhoods and areas. They have a better understanding of various factors such as emerging and trending neighbourhoods. Additionally, these guys are familiar with unlisted properties for sale. They are well versed with the history of that area. They are a great resource for those people who are relocating across town or to new areas. Dealing with these agents can give you a clear advantage.

Pointing out Unnoticed Faults/Features With the Property

An agent can help you in pointing out potential hazards and faults. This will make sure that your interests are protected and make the home buying process success.

Provide Buyers/Sellers With a List of Service Providers

These professionals are good at networking. They have worked with many people who can become part and parcel of your team. This can include painters, home stagers, plumbers, landscapers among others. This is the team that makes the client’s dreams come true.

Analyzing the Market

market analysis

These experts are known for providing a comprehensive market analysis. This is an analysis that shows compare homes for sale, price trends, days on the market and much more. This information can help the seller in pricing his/her home and minimize the chances of making a loss.


Help You in Understand the Process

Individuals who are new to this process can benefit from the services of experienced professionals. The expert hired will explain to you what is expected during the whole process. For instance, he or she will help you in understanding the complex terms of the contract. This will make sure that you are not caught off guard.…